Toolbox for Management of Epilepsy in People with a Learning Disability

Welcome to the Epilepsy and Learning Disability Toolbox.   This Toolbox is designed to be used by professionals who have a specific interest in managing the epilepsy of people with learning disabilities.

If you are looking for more general information about epilepsy or wish to access a wider range of professional or patient information and services see our useful links page.

Epilepsy is a common condition in the population of people who have learning disabilities. Communication issues, severity and impact of the epilepsy, and complicated care arrangements all present management challenges which are not usual in the general population.

The Toolbox offers instant access from any clinical setting to a range of practical tools including protocols, care plans, assessments, and information. These relate specifically to the management of the complex epilepsy and care issues found in this group. 


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This site is under construction and its contents are based on the resources held on the website at  These resources were developed initially by the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Epilepsy and Learning Disability Service (0141 276 3600) and have been revised and reviewed by the West of Scotland and Tayside Adult Epilepsy Managed Clinical Network (0141 201 2423)